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Potters at Exposition de Bonsai, France

The range of potters at the Exposition de Bonsai was excellent and it was great to see a wide variety of pot shapes and styles and some very interesting designs. Here are some examples of the Bonsai pots on sale and some of the pots we purchased.

Air Layering

A guest submission here from Mr Ivan Oxford, who has had good success with air layering and wants to explain the procedure;

Bonsai Garden from Jean-Pierre Timmermans

Jean-Pierre Timmermans of Bonsai Garden was one of the traders at the Exposition de Bonsai this weekend in France and he had a stunning collection of Mame, Shohin and Accents for sale and here are a few examples of what was on offer.

Suiseki at Exposition de Bonsai, France

Suiseki are in general small rocks that occur naturally and are aesthetically appreciated for the images they portray – they are highly collectable. Here are a few examples that were on display at the Exposition de Bonsai in Neuville-Saint-Rémy in France, a two day Bonsai show hosted by the Zen Bonsai Club.

Plectranthus as Bonsai

Plectranthus are a semi succulent that can be used as a bonsai or accent and they are very easy to keep, hold a good shape and propagate easily too. There are over 350 species of Plectranthus and the majority originate from areas of Africa, Madagascar, India and Australia to name a few and they belong… Read more »

Accents @ the Exposition de Bonsai in France

Here is a photographic over view of some of the accents on display at the Exposition de Bonsai at Neuville-Saint-Rémy in France from the weekend of the 12th and 13th April 2014 for your enjoyment.

Repotting Bonsai

Repotting season for the majority of tree species is at an end and here are a few examples of some of the bonsai trees that have been repotted this year showing the variation in root type plus root development on each tree.

Forsythia as Bonsai

Forsythia are a stunning bonsai that are at their best this time of year due to the bright yellow flowers that signify the start of Spring. The flowers form before the leaves so you get the full advantage of being able to see the flowers without them being hidden underneath a full canopy of leaves…. Read more »