Monthly Archives: January 2015

Root stands

Swindon club member Kit has been very busy recently, he has been whittling these beautifully crafted root stands. I have always adored these unique pieces of craftsmanship; you won’t often find these stands available through retailers as they just aren’t commercially viable to produce because of the investment of time it takes to produce each… Read more »

Pomegranate as Bonsai

Punica granatum is the Pomegranate. This is a semi deciduous tree which looses leaves if kept cool in winter. The tree is broadleaved. It has bright red flowers but some forms are white, pink or yellow and can have single or double flowers.

Revered japanese pine trees

Fellow Japanophiles, if you have ever wondered why pine trees are so revered in Japan, this video attempts to explain it, bonsai and all. Made and broadcast by NHK world, shared by Jake Hobson.

Bonsai pot colour guide

In general there are a few rules when it comes to pot colour selection that are based around aesthetics in order that your bonsai trees are displayed to their advantage.

Bonsai in January

Hopefully all your bonsai trees are being protected for the winter and here is a quick generic guide to bonsai in January.

January meeting

At this time of year it is all about preparation for our upcoming show. Tonight the topic in discussion under everyones’ lips is pot choice. Getting the right pot for the right tree can be tricky, and a matter of taste. Trying to keep a pot in an oversized, cheaper pot for most of the… Read more »

Winter protection

Ask any bonsai enthusiast here in the UK about what they do to protect their trees during the winter and you will usually get a very confident answer; although there does seem to be variation in what people say. I will offer one piece of advice straight away, the smaller the tree the more protection… Read more »