Monthly Archives: April 2015

Sutton Bonsai Show

Sutton Bonsai Society held their show today at the prestigious RHS Wisley Gardens, Surrey. There was a good amount of admiring public as the show was included within the entrance fee at Wisley’s gate. An on-site RHS conifer specialist took the time in the morning to walk and talk us from the show, out to… Read more »

Plaited trunk bonsai

Experimenting with creating bonsai is a great way to learn, and I happened across a reasonably priced plaited trunked Ficus in a garden store last year and wanted to find out a bit more about how they actually create the plaited trunks so I bought one to find out. Below is the stages following purchase… Read more »

Rene Lecocq

Rene Lecocq is from Belgium and is well known for his stunning bonsai pots, which apparently he began to create when he started the hobby for bonsai and his love of bonsai and inspiration come through in his pots. Here are a few images of his pots on sale at the Lodder Bonsai Open Weekend.

Bonsai Trunk Fusing

Have you ever tried to fuse the trunks of trees, and if not why not? It is great fun to try out different species and so far I have had good success with Ficus as they seem very adapt at fusing trunks particularly Ficus benjamina.

Wessex Bonsai Annual Show 2015

Sunday 3rd May 2015 – Annual Show Arrangements are now being made for attendance of bonsai traders and displays by guest bonsai societies. For the more serious this will be our 26th open competition with judging by Ken Norman. Door open 10:30 with the potential of over 100 trees on show from many local bonsai enthusiasts… Read more »

Wisley Bonsai Show with Sutton society

Sutton Bonsai Club are holding their two day bonsai show at Wisley Gardens RHS, Wisley Lane,Wisley, Surrey.GU23 6QB on Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 April 2015. This will be a friendly club show with guest exhibitors and traders plus they are also offering a repotting service. [tb_google_map address=”RHS Garden Wisley, Wisley Lane, Wisley, Woking”]

Bonsai feeding – the Why, When and How?

Why? Bonsai are completely reliant on us for their nutrients to help them photosynthesise, most good free draining potting mixtures are inert and do not provide nutrients for the tree mediums such as Akadama are not able to retain nutrients for long and so frequent feeding is required. If you want your bonsai to grow… Read more »