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Spirit of Shohin 2016

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April “Spirit of Shohin 2016” @RHS Gardens, Wisley, Wisley Lane, Wisley, Woking, Surrey, GU23 6QB (Junction 10 of M25). Contact Andy Jordan 07958 372101 or This is a major exhibition of the best of British shohin run by the British Shohin Bonsai in association with Sutton Bonsai Society. Useful links Sutton… Read more »

North London Bonsai Group Spring Show

Sunday 27th March –North London Bonsai Group Spring Show @Capel Manor, Enfield, Middlesxe, EN1 4RQ. Admission £6.50 and open from 10am until 4pm. Contact Bob Mcgregor on 07903 710509  

Bonsai Exposition Neuville-saint-Rémy, France

  For information on the 2014 show please check out our previous posts:   Newspaper article on the show and highlights Conifers at the exhibition Accents at the exhibition Suiseki at the exhibition Oliver Cornet of O Bonsai Jardin de bonsai

Celtis sinensis

Celtis sinensis is from the Ulmaceae family, which is part of the nettle trees or hackberries. They are elegant fast growing trees which reach a medium size and are deciduous. They are not so well known in the UK as bonsai but there were some impressive bonsai specimens of this species at the BCI Convention… Read more »

Eugenia uniflora

Eugenia uniflora is commonly known as the Surinam Cherry, Brazillam cherry, Cayenne cherry, Pitanga or Cerisier Carre. It is from the Myrtaceae family and native to South America.

Ents and unusual styles

If you haven’t seen many different styles of bonsai then take a look at some of these amazing shapes and styles that we saw at the BCI convention in China in 2015. They will certainly give you something to think about…and hopefully you will be coming to the Swindon Winter Image Show on Sunday 28th… Read more »

Carunaregam spinosa

Carunaregam spinosa of the Rubiaceae family is a spiny deciduous shrub or small tree with edible fruits when cooked and can be found in East Asia, Southern China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. It is reported to have medicinal properties as well as the fruit and bark are used for dying materials.

Cascade or not to cascade

It was a great opportunity at this years Swindon Winter Image Bonsai Show to see a fantastic array of bonsai styles, shapes and sizes as well as a good diversity of tree species. One style that captured my interest was that of the cascade and semi cascade.

Raffle prizes

A huge thank you to all the traders for their amazing donations to our raffle, we had 25 prizes and that meant a lot of lucky people went home with some great prizes.

Traders @ our Winter Image Show 2016

This year the bonsai traders were again selling a fabulous range of everything bonsai and some of their sales tables were also great exhibits too. Here is a quick look at the traders who attended the show and hopefully everyone bought a little something from one or more of them.