Monthly Archives: February 2018

Swindon Winter Image Show 2018

Year on year it is a pleasure to write up the Swindon Winter Image Show report, as it is always such a fun day and a positive experience at the show and everything about the show.

Club members trees @ our show 2018

Swindon Club Members put on a great display of their bonsai trees at this years show with a good range of species and styles to be seen. Many of the club members have been growing and developing their bonsai trees over many years and some date back to the late 1960’s. Here are the photos… Read more »

Shohin and Mame @ our show 2018

This year we were pleased to also have a great collection of small trees on a range of shohin and mame displays at our show. The detail of some of these tiny bonsai trees is exquisite and they also have the cute factor. Below are the photos from each of the trees on the displays… Read more »

Individual exhibitors @ our show 2018

Thank you to all the individual exhibitors at our Swindon Winter Image show this year, again stunning trees, beautifully presented and great to admire all day. We had exhibitors from all over the UK including Michel Brohet who travelled all the way from Belgium to exhibit his Pinus sylvestris in a Bryan Albright pot. Below… Read more »

Clubs and Societies @ our show in 2018

This year was no exception, the standard of the club and society displays was again excellent with some very clean set ups and well thought out designs and themes to the displays as well as stunning bonsai trees individually. Thank you all for coming to the show and bringing your bonsai trees to the show… Read more »

Award winners for 2018

Superb collection of bonsai trees again on display again this year at our show and it was a tough judging time for our 6 judges and here are the award winners receiving their awards. Thank you to everyone though who had a bonsai tree on display at our show and helped in the set up… Read more »

Bonsai Traders @Swindon 2018

Great fun was had by all this year again at the Swindon Winter Image Show. There were some great bargains to be had from all the traders at the show with some new and exciting pot designs as well as superb bonsai trees, sundries, bronzes, accents and tools on sale. A big thank you to… Read more »