Sally Mays shohin display

Sally Mays shohin display at the Swindon Winter Image Show 2019

Sally’s shohin display contained 6 trees and an accent and five of the trees are presented on a shohin display stand. There was a Premna (Premna serratifolia), Japanese quince (Chaenomeles speciosa) Korean hornbeam (Carpinus turczaninowii), Trident maple (Acer buergerianum).

A second Trident maple (Acer buergerianum) over rock with a snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis) accent. The trees were a delight and provided a good flow and range of style.

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Lodder Bonsai Open Weekend 2019

The open weekend at Lodder Bonsai this year was again a great success with so much to see and do all weekend with the focus being everything bonsai and so much more. We had a really enjoyable time with friends in a very friendly relaxed atmosphere surrounded by bonsai trees. Throughout the weekend were bonsai demonstrations, a stunning bonsai exhibition and lots of shopping opportunities.

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Graham Walker at our show

Graham Walker’s shohin display at the 2019 Winter Image Show

Grahams shohin display was a six-tree display with a Juniper (Juniper itoigawa) in a Klika pot on the top of the shohin display case and a collection of 4 broadleaf winter image shohin bonsai below.

These were a Privet (Ligustrum) in a Klika pot, a Cork Bark Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) in a Bigei pot, a Larch in an Ian Baillie pot and a Siberia Pea tree (Caragana arborescens) in a Tony Remington pot.

Set to the right hand side was a Western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) also in a Tony Remington pot with a snowdrop accent (Galanthus nivalis).

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Simon Haddon mame display at our show

Simon Haddon’s mame display at Swindon Winter Image Show 2019

Simons display was exceptional, it has some many little interesting facets it captured the attention of many and also the imagination. The tiny bronzes were a delight with the snail and the frog.

His frog pot was also great and looked fabulous set above the root stand. Simon also was a trader at our show selling his hand made beautifully crafted accent and bonsai pots as Suteki.

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Solent Bonsai Club

Solent Bonsai Club display

Solent Bonsai Club put on three tree display with a Larch group in the centre and hopefully you all spotted the snail at the back of the stand behind the Pine. Also check out the boxing hare bronze on the moss mound in a stunning pot.

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Glynderi Bonsai Club

Glynderi Bonsai Club display for February 2019

Glynderi Bonsai Club is a very well established bonsai club and they put forward an amazing collection of Larch this year for their display at Swindon Winter Image Show. It takes a lot of confidence to do a single species display but they have a great collection of different larch styles and sizes to make a very unique and interesting display.

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Affiliate member of the RHS

Swindon Bonsai Society has become an affiliate member of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). As part of the benefits of now being an affiliate member we have taken out their club insurance too.

This was following a review of insurance policies from a range of sources with a view to ensuring we are getting the most appropriate cover for our club needs. It also allows us to join in with the leading horticultural society in the UK and further represent bonsai on a national scale.

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