Stourbridge Bonsai Society Annual Show

Dragonfly Bonsai pots will be at Stourbridge annual bonsai show

Stourbridge bonsai society’s show is potentially one of the last bonsai shows of this year on Sunday 17th November 2019. So if you still want to get out and see bonsai then it is well worth a visit and you can also stock up on bonsai pots in preparation for your re-potting or future bonsai display pots as Dragonfly Bonsai pots by Graham Simpson will be there again for the third time now.

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LV Bonsai workshop

Today we had a workshop with Lee Verhorevoort of LV Bonsai and it was a great opportunity to get advice on your bonsai trees and work on their development. Lee also brought some trees and bonsai sundries to the workshop and many club members added to their collections.

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10th Heathrow Bonsai Show

Swindon Bonsai Club display at the 10th Heathrow Bonsai Show 2019

This year was the 10th Heathrow Bonsai Show and wow what a vibe and great bonsai event and still growing year on year, where everyone is welcome and the atmosphere was alive with bonsai chatter. 

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Bonsai photography

Tonights club night was a celebration of club members trees through photography and a big thank you to Andy Bray for providing some of the images from the night.

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Open Gardens Event

Reg and Jeff Bolton

This year was another great day for the Open garden event with Reg and Jeff Bolton in Swindon in aid of Thamedown Hydrotherapy pool.

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Bonsai tree health and pest problems like Mealy bug

Mealy bug by a leaf

It is important to stay on top of pests and diseases that may affect your bonsai to ensure they remain healthy and thrive as opposed to survive. Check them daily for any ill health signs like wilting leaves, yellowing leaves, dead twigs or branches and look for pests like mites, aphids and mealy bug. If you are unsure take a photo and send this to a bonsai club or bonsai forum like wee trees and they will be able to help identify the problem.

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Quick guide to species for deciduous bonsai

Ulmus procera (English Elm) owned by current owner since 1969

Examples of species used as Outdoor deciduous bonsai trees in the UK
You can try to bonsai any tree species, some are easier than others and many people start with deciduous tree species when looking for a bonsai tree to keep outside in the UK. You can use native species like Oak and Elm or look at more ornamental species like Maple. Whatever you choose you will have fun learning the techniques for that species.

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Ficus as bonsai

Re-styled Ficus

Further to giving a few talks this year on Ficus and in particular Ficus microcarpa ‘Retusa’ (Tiger bark fig) which I have grown now for over 12 years as bonsai in the UK I thought I would share some of the information I have learnt and follow so here goes. How you keep your bonsai trees will vary as everyone has different conditions in which to keep their trees but this is my experience and it has been a fun and rewarding journey so far.

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