Best Accent winner is John Pitt

Winning accent for this year

Congratulations to John Pitt for winning the Best Accent award, and a great achievement given how many accents were on display this year.

John Trott awarding John Pitt with the award for Best accent.

Arihato award winner Beryl Thorpe

Winning tree for the Arihato award

Kit Bowns for the last few years has hand carved a root stand for this award in memory of his good friend Arihato. The lucky winner of this award this year was Beryl Thorpe for her Chinese Elm, which was an air layer originally.

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Best tree/pot combo won by John Pitt

Winning tree/pot combo went to John Pitt

A well-deserved award for John Pitt for the Best Tree / Pot combination especially as his Mugo Pine (Pinus mugo ‘Pumilio’) was in a John Pitt hand crafted pot. Thank you also to Walsall Studio Ceramics for sponsoring this award.

John Pitt being awarded the Best Tree/ Pot Combination award by Paul Bowerbank

Best Mame display won by Ritta Cooper

Best Mame display won by Ritta Cooper

This year heralded the return of the Mame category and award and congratulations to Ritta Cooper for winning this award. There were so many great mame displays but Ritta’s collection of mame trees was sublime and the overall display worked perfectly together.

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Best Overall display for John Pitt

Winning overall display by John Pitt

Congratulations to John Pitt for winning the Best Overall display with his combination of a Mugo Pine and Chinese Elm, a wonderful high quality bonsai display.

John Pitt receiving the award for Best Overall Bonsai display from Paul Bowerbank

Best Conifer went to John Pitt

Best Conifer / Evergreen of John Pitt which was a Pinus mugo ‘Pumilio’

Well done John Pitt for winning the Best Conifer / Evergreen award for your Mugo Pine, a great achievement and a stunning example of a Pinus mugo ‘Pumilio’.

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Best Chuhin award for Mark and Ritta Cooper

Ritta & Mark Cooper being presented the Award for Best Chuhin by John Pitt

Congratulations to Mark and Ritta Cooper for winning the Best Chuhin category with their Mountain Maple (Acer palmatum), which was originally from Japan, and they have owned now for 5 years and it is in a Gyozan pot.

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