Bonsai in the 2nd millennium for Graham

Graham working on White Pine

Graham is our Club Treasurer at Swindon Bonsai Club and has been doing bonsai as a hobby since around 2000, so for 17 years now. His first ever bonsai was a Beech tree but sadly it is now deceased. His favorite tree species is the Acer and he enjoys working on Elms as he finds them rewarding to prune.

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Aka Matsu School of Bonsai

Akamatsu display at Europa 2015

The Akamatsu School of Bonsai was first established in about 2002 as a way of Rob Atkinson teaching and running workshops. In the early days we met monthly on a Sunday to work on our trees, in the hayloft above the old cow byers at Eden Hill Farm, near Beamish in Co Durham. This was made possible by the owner being a member of the group!!

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Steve Mckee’s bonsai safari

Best Chuhin

Best Chuhin, Steve McKee in 2015

Steve Mckee is a well known bonsai enthusiast and he got into bonsai after seeing them at a local show around 35 years ago. From then on he got the first edition of the British bonsai magazine and bought Peter Chans book. He then went to a Peter Adams workshop, and from this he became hugely influenced by Peter, and still finds he has an influence on his styling and thoughts even today. Steve’s bonsai collection is a mixture of imported and yamadori and he has some exceptional and award winning bonsai trees.

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Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Wow and wow again is the only way to describe the Gardens by the Bay in SIngapore. What an amazing location and site, a botanical dream and inspiration all in one place. The scale, presence, magnificence and beauty is incredible. We were fortunate to visit during Christmas so the gardens were buzzing with people visiting the winter wonderland festive fair, as well as just viewing the amazing floral displays. The lakes within the gardens are full of fish and other wildlife and the real trees are establishing well. It was great to see so many varied species used within the planted areas as well as some excellent examples of Figs and Baobabs.

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Most innovative exhibit award 2018

Dan Barton holding the Suiban prize to be given to the most innovative bonsai

Get your bonsai designs ready to be in with a chance of winning the prize for the most innovative exhibit at this years Swindon Winter Image Show on the 25th February 2018.

Suiban prize

Dan Barton has kindly sponsored this award and will judge the award on the day of the show. Dan and Cecilia of Esoteric pots are donating a stunning Suiban pot 43cm by 37cms which they have recently made with a value of £200.00 and it will be awarded to the owner of the most innovative exhibit at the show. So good luck and hope to see lots of innovative exhibits this year.

Inspiration @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

The gardens were established in 1859 by the Agri-Horticultural society, and the Singapore Botanic Garden (SBG) was originally designed by Lawrence Niven. It continues to this day to be a regional centre for plant science, research and conservation in Southeast Asia. Plus is instrumental in the greening and transformation of Singapore into a Garden City which began in around the 1960’s. The Gardens is Singapore’s first nomination as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Bonsai @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

Bonsai was not hard to find in Singapore as greenery is dominant everywhere, plants adorn walls to create living green spaces, whole gardens are built within hotels and they have numerous plants and trees in pots within their foyers, it is superb. The climate in Singapore aids with this approach to urban greening as well as the investment in creating such stunning green spaces which are available for public enjoyment. During one of our visits to the Singapore Botanic Gardens we saw the bonsai collection which contained a vast array of different tropical bonsai tree species and my favourite, the Ficus.

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Paul’s sojourn with bonsai

Paul Reed has been doing bonsai for around 6-7 years now and joined Swindon Bonsai Club in around 2010. His first ever bonsai was a Chinese Elm that was given to him as a birthday present and since then his interest in the hobby has grown.

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