Swindon Winter Show 2019 summary

Reg Bolton and Terry Adams

This year’s show was another success with over 400 visitors and over 100 bonsai trees on display as individual exhibits or part of a club display or shohin or mame display. The show also had a wide range of traders and purchases of bonsai and associated sundries seem to be selling well on the day.

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Set up for our Show

Graham Walker setting up his Shohin display on the Saturday night

This year was amazing, the club members and volunteers who helped out on the Saturday for the set up did a great job and everything was in place well before 8pm. 

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Awards at our Winter Show

Awards at our show

Here is the list of Awards that will be given out at our Winter Image Show this year on Sunday 24th February, we hope to see you there.

  1. Best Overall Display in show
  2. Best Deciduous tree
  3.  Best Evergreen tree
  4. Best Chuhin tree, approx 45 cm from soil
  5. Best Shohin display, approx 20 cm from soil
  6. Best Mame display. Approx 10cm from soil
  7. Best Club display
  8. Best Tree/Pot combo, awarded by Walsall Studio Ceramics
  9. Best Accent, awarded by Mendip Bonsai, judged by John Trott
  10. ‘Arihato Award’, Best small tree, awarded and judged by Kit Bowns

Stone Monkey raffle prize

A massive thank you again to Andy Pearson of Stone Monkey Ceramics for his donation of these two gorgeous crackle glazed pots as raffle prizes for the Swindon Winter Image Show on Sunday 24th February. Raffle tickets will be available on sale at the door for £1 each as well as throughout the day so don’t forget to buy yours and there will also be many more prizes to win, so hope you are lucky.

Judges at our Winter Show

Andy Jordan

Here is the list of judges and a fine body of people with a huge experience in the hobby. 

1.   Steve McKee [Head judge]

2.   Mark Cooper

3.   Ritta Cooper

4.   Andy Jordan

5.   Bill Baker

6.   John Brocklehurst

7.   Paul Eslinger

8.   Andrew Hardman 

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The Arihato Award

Arihato award for 2019 Swindon Winter Image Show

Anand Arihato was/is a teacher. He was taken from us too early. That said if you consider his spiritual belief he is still with us, around us or within us. He was (I will use past tense from now purely as I look upon things from a Western perspective) a great believer in knowledge and he shared a great deal with me on bonsai and his philosophy in many late night emails. To have had this opportunity to talk was a singular honour. He affected me in a way very few people have. 

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Clubs & Societies at our Winter Show

Solent Bonsai

This year we have 10 visiting bonsai clubs and societies to our Winter Image Show on Sunday 24th February. If you are interested in the art or hobby of bonsai then come along and meet some of the clubs as there is bound to be one near you if you want to join one.

  • Bristol
  • Ashfield
  • Phoenix
  • Warminster
  • Splinter Group
  • Newbury
  • Aka Matsu School of Bonsai
  • Solent
  • Surrey Heath
  • Glynderi

Exhibitors at our Winter Show

Best Deciduous tree awarded to Mark and Ritta Cooper for their Trident Maple in 2018

This year there will be a superb collection of bonsai trees on display at our Swindon Winter Image Show on Sunday 24th February. The show is being held at the Grange Leisure Centre , Grange Drive, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN3 4JY. For more details contact Chairman Paul on 07982 401103. The doors open at 10am following the judging and is an all day event finishing at 4pm.

View within the main hall in the Grange Leisure Centre

Invited guests

  • Mark Cooper
  • John Pitt
  • Steve McKee
  • Bill Baker
  • Martin Shepherd
  • Chris Thomas
  • Jerry Wheeler
  • Mo Fagan
  • Adrian Taylor
  • David Johnson
  • Ian Stewardson
  • Tracy Morton
  • John Armitage
  • Gordon Duffett
Reg + Terry
Reg and Terry take a moment

Swindon Club members displaying

  • Reginald Bolton
  • Terry Adams
  • Mark Kerry
  • Tony Oswin
  • Clive Harber
  • Dennis Henly
  • Clive Knight
  • Alan Redford
  • Michael Partridge
Shohin displays

Shohin displays

  • John Armitage
  • Andy Jordan
  • Mark Cooper
  • Andy Hardman
  • Graham Walker
  • Stewart Beresford
  • Beryl Thorpe
  • Sally May
  • John Brocklehurst
Mame displays

Mame displays

  • Kit Bowns
  • Ritta Cooper
  • Gary Careford
  • Les Storey
  • Michael Partidge
  • Simon Haddon
  • Robert Stewart

Not long now, only a few days to go and we look forward to seeing you all at the show.