Affiliate member of the RHS

Swindon Bonsai Society has become an affiliate member of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). As part of the benefits of now being an affiliate member we have taken out their club insurance too.

This was following a review of insurance policies from a range of sources with a view to ensuring we are getting the most appropriate cover for our club needs. It also allows us to join in with the leading horticultural society in the UK and further represent bonsai on a national scale.

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Splinter Group

Splinter Group Bonsai display

Another great display by the Splinter Group at this years Swindon Winter Image Show. Thank you to Steve Hale and the team for this well choreographed display.

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Warminster Bonsai Society

Warminster Bonsai Society display was designed and selected by Clive Harber who is the show manager and supported by Clive Knight. He prepares the display well in advance of a show asking club members to bring in trees for the selection process prior to any exhibition to work out the most harmonious combination of trees for the space available.

Clive Harber setting up the Warminster Bonsai display

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Phoenix Bonsai

Phoenix Bonsai display at our Winter Image Show 2019

A great display bonsai was presented by Phoenix Bonsai at our show this year with very clean lines and good space separating each tree. You could really appreciate them individually as well as they made a very good compositional display together. The Davallia fern used as a hanging accent was a real treat and added to the overall display brilliantly.

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Ashfield Bonsai Club

Ashfield Bonsai Club display

This year Ashfield Bonsai Club put on a display at our Show and they cleverly divided up their table allocation with bamboo canes to create smaller separate displays. This helped to show case the trees really well and there were some really high quality trees on display.

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Best Accent winner is John Pitt

Winning accent for this year

Congratulations to John Pitt for winning the Best Accent award, and a great achievement given how many accents were on display this year.

John Trott awarding John Pitt with the award for Best accent.

Arihato award winner Beryl Thorpe

Winning tree for the Arihato award

Kit Bowns for the last few years has hand carved a root stand for this award in memory of his good friend Arihato. The lucky winner of this award this year was Beryl Thorpe for her Chinese Elm, which was an air layer originally.

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