Traders @ Our Winter Show

Here is the list of confirmed Bonsai traders who are coming to our 11th Winter Image show on the 24th February 2013.

A tribute to Manuel Gonzalez

To see such an amazing collection of trees on display from the Wessex Society at the Heathrow Show was fabulous enough, but amazing to know that trees on display were created, styled and owned by Manuel Gonzalez of the Wessex Bonsai Society which left me in even more amazement.

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FOBBS Merit Awards

Two trees won the Federation of British Bonsai (FOBBS) merit awards at the Heathrow show and they were tree 107 which was a stunning Yew created and owned by Manuel Gonzalez of Wessex Bonsai Society and tree 115, a Ligustrum owned by Paul Finch of Southend Bonsai Society.

Heathrow Bonsai Show 2012

Congratulations to Mark and Ming for hosting their 3rd  successful bonsai show today at The Barn, Heathrow, and despite the wet weather there was an excellent attendance from visiting clubs and societies displaying some gorgeous trees for everyone to enjoy and discuss.

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Photographing bonsai by Dan Burn-Forti

While browsing the internet, I came across more photo’s taken by Dan Burn-Forti from this years Winter Image show and thought that they should be linked through as they are of two of Swindon’s Bonsai Club members so all can see, so here they are.

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Mycorrhiza fungi and bonsai

Recently I noticed some fungi show up on my Korean Hornbeam bonsai and I assumed they were a form of mycorrhiza fungi but was not 100% certain and whilst I was at the Arboricultural Association Conference at Reading I went to a great lecture by Ted Green who was discussing and sharing his ideas on mycorrhiza associations with tree roots.

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Akebia quinata as bonsai

Akebia quinata is commonly called the Chocolate vine and is a climbing plant that is semi evergreen and a very vigorous grower. It has green leaves or leaflets in clusters with tendrils and develops chocolate purple flowers in the spring.

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Autumn colour

This year so far has not produced great growing conditions for some species of tree, whilst others have flourished. In particular Korean Hornbeams have not produced the same level of growth as last year.

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