Nature as inspiration

Puzzlewood is an awesome woodland attraction near the village of Coleford in the Forest of Dean. We took a day trip to visit the awe inspiring woods following a recommendation from a fellow bonsai enthusiast and were not disappointed.  

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Application for tree display @ the Swindon ‘Winter Image’ show 2013

English Elm

The Swindon ‘Winter Image’ Show will be here soon, and arrangements are being made for it.

The Grange Drive centre has been booked for Sunday the 24th February 2013.

In the past the Swindon club have invited individual bonsai exhibitors to display tree(s).

As the show has now become more popular, we are receiving many more requests than the space we have available.

To allow equal opportunity for individuals wishing to exhibit, we have decided to throw it open to everyone and are accepting applications for consideration starting now.

Closing date for applications  –  31st October 2012. When those successful will be notified.

Late applications may be considered for a reserve list.

We require the following details:-

  • Details of what species of tree will be displayed.
  • Tree dimensions.
  • Size of display area requested [either 3 foot or 6 foot] depending on the size of tree. [6’ back screens]
  • A photo of the tree.

The area will be clothed and have back screens.

Only stands, accents and tree(s) will be required on the day.

It is also necessary to have a name plate with details of the tree and pot, suitable to be displayed with the exhibit.

All applications to go to Paul Bowerbank [Chairman] via email

Further details on Tel. 07982 401103

The display area for individuals is limited so early replies required.

Grand Bonsai Event @ Capel Manor

Another great event, lots of very good quality bonsai trees for sale from a wide range of bonsai traders who were also selling tools, accessories and some fabulous pots. It was a very good opportunity to catch up with other bonsai enthusiasts and share ideas and also stock up on some new trees and in particular some new cultivars that were on offer.

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Bonsai succulents

Some of our club members have a wide range of other hobbies beyond Bonsai. One member in particular had a great weekend at the British Cactus and Succulent Society (Wiltshire Branch) Annual Show in Melksham where he won Best Succulent in Show as well as a range of other classes.

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Bonsai Photography night

This evening the club held a photographic night to learn more about the art of photographing their own and other bonsai trees. Mark Cooper gave an overview on the general rules and guidelines on how to achieve good results and a general discussion followed on types of cameras, the use of additional light and flashes as well as colours of cloth. It was a very informative evening and fun.

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