Bill Baker at our show

Kiyohime maple displayed by Bill Baker at the 2019 Swindon Winter Image Show

This year Bill Baker from Wessex Bonsai Society exhibited his Kiyohime maple (Acer palmatum kiyohime). This is an imported tree, which he has owned and developed for the past 19 years and it was in a Chinese pot.

Gary Careford mame display at our show

Gary put on a beautiful display of mame trees that included a White Pine in a Juko pot. A Chojubai in a Arimoto pot.  A Larch in a Benda pot, with a Forsythia in a Taizan pot.

Together with an Iboto in a Bushuab shiozru / masuhi pot. Combined with a Juniper in a Bigei pot and a Rosebush in a Hikosansin pot.

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Tracy Morton at our show

Pinus sylvestris exhibited by Tracy Morton at Swindon Winter Image Show 2019

Tracy exhibited a 20-year-old yamadori Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris) in a Gordon Duffett pot.

Gordon Duffett at our show

Gordon Duffett exhibiting a Dunkeld Larch at Swindon Winter Image Show 2019

This was a first at the Swindon Winter Image show to have a bonsai tree on display by Gordon Duffett. He exhibited his yamadori Dunkeld Larch  (Larix x marschlinsii) that has owned since 1994, 25 years now.

It was presented in none other than a Gordon Duffett pot with an unusual environmental accent. Gordon was also trading at our show and you have to be quick as his pots sell out very quickly.

Elm project 2019

Elm project 2019

This year we have started off another Chinese Elm project to include any new members and existing members and see what they can achieve with these sightly larger Elms this year. Swindon Bonsai Club sourced around 25 Chinese Elms from Lodder Bonsai and are offering them to club members at a subsidised rate. For those members wanting to take part they need to purchase a raffle ticket and it links to a corresponding ticket on an Elm and that will be their tree to develop going forward.

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Paul Bowerbank Life time member award

Paul Bowerbank being presented with the Life Time Member Award by Sally May

Our Chairman, Paul Bowerbank has been awarded a Life Time Member Award at our Annual General Meeting, presented by Sally May. This is to recognise his contribution to Swindon Bonsai Society and bonsai as a whole. He has a passion for bonsai and is always keen to share this with new and existing club members.

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Vine weevil larvae

Vine weevil larvae

This is the time of year you will find out if you have any soil borne problems with your bonsai trees. The time for repotting is from around October through to March for broadleaves and into April for evergreens. Tropical bonsai are generally repotted when it is slightly warmer so later in the Spring but again it does depend on how you are keeping your tropicals.

However, the many people in the UK tend to repot in February and March but it does depend on your location, tree species and frequency of repotting and the root development of each bonsai tree.

It is worth checking the roots of the trees annually if possible to check for such pests like Vine weevil larvae or Leather Jackets as these can be very detrimental to your bonsai roots if left un checked.

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Mark Kerry club member displays

Mark Kerry displaying his Scots Pine at Swindon Winter Image Bonsai show 2019

Mark is starting to show more of his bonsai trees, and this year we were delighted he put his Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris) on display which he has been working on now for 6 years. He is an active club member at Swindon and has put on some great bonsai displays at our show.

He also displayed his Kiyohime maple (Acer palmatum kiyohime), which he has been developing for the past 5 years and it is in a Dan Barton pot. Mark is also the Chairman of Newbury Bonsai Society.

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René Lecocq Bonsai pots

René Lecocq is from Belgium and is well known for his stunning bonsai pots, which apparently he began to create when he started the hobby for bonsai and his love of bonsai and inspiration come through in his pots. Here are a few images of his pots on sale at the Lodder Bonsai Open Weekend this weekend.

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Jerry Wheeler at our show

Jerry Wheelers exhibit at the Swindon Bonsai Show 2019

It was with great relief that Jerry was able to make the show this year and we were glad to see him there. He brought along a lovely yamadoi English Yew (Taxus baccata) that he has had for 4 years which was in a Dan Barton pot. He placed alongside the Yew a Juniperus Sabina.