Arihato Award

arihato award

I have eventually put all the elements together for the Arihato Award. Thanks to Paul Bowerbank for the stand and continued encouragement despite my inability to finish anything and Timpsons for the engraved plaque. This award is in memory of Arihato Anand, a dedicated small, larch tree specialist, from Holland. He travelled to his spiritual destination this time last year and is missed by many: family, friends, Wee Trees forum members and many, many other people his life touched.

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Shohin UK II

Best Mame

Best Mame, Kit Bowns with a Larch

The premier UK shohin and mame bonsai tree exhibition took place on 15 March at Failands Village Hall. This much anticipated exhibition, Shohin UK II, was eagerly awaited by many in the small tree community. This is the second to be held by British Shohin Association and it was a complete success with many commenting on how improved the trees and displays looked. This does not take anything away from the trees in previous events but is more a reflection of how far the understanding of shohin and mame trees has come on in recent years and also how the aesthetics of showing are becoming more understood in this niche of bonsai displaying.

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