RHS Wisley

RHS Wisley Bonsai Walk

We decided to revisit the gardens at RHS Wisley today, the Glasshouse has an exceptional quantity and variety of plants. Also, we were surprised to see the Bonsai garden has been rebuilt, sponsored by Dawn and Peter Chan of Herons Bonsai. The layout is now much simpler, with paving stones, gravel and a few japanese garden accoutrements in the mix. You will have to excuse the poor quality of photography due to the overwhelming amount of precipitation we recieved.

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Tokonoma Night

BB Tokonoma

BB: Japanese Holly, Waterfall scroll with Kingfisher bronze depicting a water based scene

We call it Tokonoma night but as Mr Bailey pointed out these are, quite rightly, three point displays. Three point display night sounds more like something one would do in a car park though so we’ll go with Tokonoma for now.

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Bonsai World 2013 Award Winners

Award winners from Bonsai World 2013 at K2 Crawley. Photos courtesy of Mark Cooper.

Wistman’s Woods

Wistman's Wood, Dartmoor, Devon

For any non-believers in magic, a trip to Whistman’s Woods in Dartmoor is well worth the journey. The majority of this copse comprises of twisted ancient oak trees on granite boulders, shrouded by carpets of mosses and protected from grazing animals. The trees themselves don’t grow any higher than six metres,

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