Salisbury Show

Salisbury Bonsai Best Tree In Show

Pictures taken at Salisbury Bonsai Society’s show at the Salisbury Auction Centre. Demonstrations with Peter Chan, John Trott and Manuel Gonzales. Additional traders included Brian Mackichan and Gordon Duffett. I’m pleased to announce Swindon took the best display in show title.

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‘t Veerle show 2012

't Veerle show 2012

If you like your Azaleas or Pines then you should have been here, there was also an inspiring display on show in the Bonsai museum, ‘t Veerle Bonsai Centre, Belgium. The trees were incredible and coupled with some top quality Koi fish on display this was a great weekend. Rene Lococq had a stand selling some of his eye-catching pots alongside a new talent competition.

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Wessex Show 2012

Wessex Show 2012

The Wessex Bonsai Society hosted yet another excellent show for 2012 and there were some great trees on display within their own members sections as well as within the open competition and also from visiting clubs, societies and traders. Wessex have a very active

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Prunus Mume (Japanese Apricot)

Mature Prunus mume white flowering

Prunus mume (Japanese apricot) is often over looked, not just as a bonsai but as a plant or tree in the UK. This is one of my favourite times of year. The annual winter show has been and gone and everyone is busy repotting for the upcoming season. This is a frantic time of activity as the days start to get lighter again.

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The Independent at our Winter Show

Sally May and Hornbeam

The Independent newspaper are running an article on Bonsai enthusiasts in the UK. You may have noted if you were at our winter show this year, Dan Burn-Forti a freelance photographer was taking portraits for the piece and they’ve come out just great. The article is in today’s paper, I recommend you grab

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Lodders Bonsai, Holland trip

Korean Hornbeam

This was our sixth visit to HOKA-EN Bonsai studio also known as Lodders in Holland and once again we were stunned at the superb quality and choice of Bonsai trees for sale. It takes considerable time just to assess the range of Bonsai trees on offer and to pick

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January 2012 club night


The tree of the month competition was well attended and the winner goes to Paul Bowerbank this month for his Siberian Elm. In second place was a beautiful Larch from Dennis Henly and in joint third were a Yew that belongs to Mike Partridge and a Cork Bark Elm of Derek May. There was a good range of species entered beyond the winning trees including a Ficus, Serissa, Zelkova, Privet, Hornbeam, Ivy and Juniper.

This year kicked off with a review and discussion of last year’s events with a slide show of photographs of bonsai trees at various shows. Details and developments of our upcoming Winter Show were also discussed, anybody who has ever organised an event such as this will know the level of planning and detail that you have to go into just to make it work. We have all been putting a good deal of thought and effort to ensure that this year, our tenth anniversary is a special event for everyone.

Heathrow Bonsai Show 2011

The judging of this show took an unusual format – visitors were provided with a voting slip and asked to nominate a numbered tree worthy of winning. I think anyone who has been to a bonsai show and questioned the judge’s decision might think this of this as a good idea. I will have to report back to let you know who has won.

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