The Good Bonsai Guide


Which is better, beer or bonsai? I decided to do my own take on The Good Pub Guide with Bonsai.

Buying bonsai

This is a list of Bonsai Nurseries which can be visited, please bear in mind a lot of the Nursery owners operate an appointment system or have limited opening hours so extend some courtesy and contact the supplier before visiting. Have I missed you? Get in touch…

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Cut Paste

Cut Pastes

The green lidded one for confers, the white deciduous…apparently

Winter Show 2013 Award Winners

Swindon Winter Show Award Team

Photos courtesy of Mark Cooper


February Tree of the Month


1st place – RA, Gardenia

Siberian Elm

2nd place – PB, Siberian Elm

Korean Hornbeam

3rd place – SM, Korean Hornbeam

Noelanders success for Swindon club members

Noelanders Shohin Prize

Noelanders Shohin Prize

Congratulations to Mark & Ritta Cooper for their success at this year’s Noelanders Bonsai Show. They collected a First prize Shohin Award, a Nomination as well as a BCI Award of Excellence Medal for their six tree shohin composition. Out of one-hundred and eight exhibits, they were the only UK exhibitors to win an award. A well deserved achievement for excellent displays.

Shohin composition nomination

Shohin Composition Nomination

January tree of the month

Korean Hornbeam

1st place – AW, Korean Hornbeam

Korean Hornbeam

2nd place – SM, Korean Hornbeam

Prunus mume

3rd place – RA, Prunus Mume