Award winning trees

Best native tree: Steve McKee, Hawthorn
Best evergreen tree: Terry Adams, White Pine
Best mame display: Mark & Ritta Cooper
Best mame tree: Ritta Cooper, Juniper
Best shohin display: Mark & Ritta Cooper
Best shohin tree: Sally May, Silverberry
Best overall display: Mark Cooper
John Trott sponsored best accent: Smithy, fungus
Best deciduous: Graham Simpson, Chinese Elm
Davey Jones sponsored best tree/pot combination: Mark Kerry, Acer Acer palmatum ‘Kiyohime’ in a Dan Barton pot
Best club display: Bristol Bonsai Society

Winter show raffle prize

A Swindon club member has donated this unusual pot to our raffle, turn up to our show tomorrow and win it!

Winter show raffle prize


Graham from Dragonfly bonsai pots has donated this rustic pot to be included in the raffle at our show next weekend. Graham will be attending show taking commission orders and selling stock, so catch him there.

Winter show raffle prize

Dan Barton pot

Dan and Cecilia Barton have kindly offered the gorgeous pot as a raffle prize for one lucky winner at our winter show this year. I really enjoy the contrasting colours and fissured texture of this one, can’t wait to see what else he has as he will be trading at our show 😊