Trident maple development

Trident maples (Acer buergerianum) are a great maple for bonsai and I have been developing this one for around 6 years after purchasing it back in 2014 from Lodder Bonsai. Originally it had a limited crown with no real ramification but I liked the trunk movement and thought it has great potential to develop. I have enjoyed progressing the crown with the help of Lee Verhorevoort at bonsai club workshops and know it still has more progress to make. I have tried it in various pots and Lee sourced the latest blue scalloped pot from Japan for me.

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‘Physiology of Bonsai’ with Geoff Conybeare

Der baum

It was nice to see many Swindon club members this month, and even some visitors from both Newbury and Warminster bonsai clubs. Great to see Bonsai clubs pulling together.

Geoff gave a very interesting and technically based talk which I will┬átry to summarise concisely. There was a wealth of detail included and we couldn’t possibly try to explain it here in one hit. Some key points:

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Bristol Bonsai Show


Mo Fagan

An excellent show as usual. Some lovely trees and accents on show. Lots of lovely, trees, pots and accents to buy.

Awards for bonsai of excellence to:

Malcolm Darbon – Black pine
John Trott – Trident maple
Mark cooper – Chinese elm
Dan Barton – J.Hillier elm
Alan Maggs – Rowan
Ritta Cooper – English elm
Les Croker – Juniper
Martin Shepherd – Juniper
Mo Fagan – Hawthorn
Ron Heywood – English beech
Beryl Thorpe – Stewartia
Mac Sleet – White pine
Terry Adams – Pyracantha
Dave Martin – Cotoneaster

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Project trees

Devising a plan, apart from keeping it alive is one of the best things you can do for your bonsai. At our last club meeting we decided to discuss a way ahead for a selection of our trees – I suppose you could consider this as the minutes.

TA Siberian Elm left

TA: Siberian Elm, wants to copy an ancient oak from nature which is leaning over and to keep it as a small tree

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Wessex Bonsai Show


It was a very quiet show without the familiar voice of Manuel which is usually heard throughout the day discussing and explaining the art of bonsai to anyone who is interested. It was a very good show and had lots of excellent trees on display in the exhibition and by the local clubs.

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WindyBank Bonsai Nursery

WindyBank Bonsai Signage

Today, Amelia, Derek Ross and I aka rent-a-crowd went to visit Ken Leaver at his bonsai nursery, Windybank in Surrey. Ken has a lovely small, very well laid out nursery and is well worth a visit. His nursery specialises in selling high quality Japanese bonsai trees, he has a fine selection and many different styles & species with prices to suit all.

We were made to feel very welcome and offered tea & coffee. This is not our first visit to Windybank bonsai nursery

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Lodders Bonsai Nursery – Holland

Chaenomeles Japonica bonsai

Chaenomeles Japonica

We are now back from our Annual pilgrimage to Lodders or ‘Bonsai Fest’. Derek, Amelia, Ross and I have been doing this for the last five years. You would think that by now we would have been bored by it, but everytime we go we find something else to interest us. The huge amount of bonsai trees,

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