During a club Saturday workshop Reg helped us to make some small pots mainly for accents. We all then returned a few weeks later to glaze them, this was fun as we had only a little idea how they would come out. He was then able to fire them in his small kiln. Here are some of the photos from the event and the final pots which Reg brought in for the August meeting.

Unfortunately, due to summer holidays and other commitments, there were only four of us for Reg to instruct in his pottery school, which turned out fine as we could take our time to mess about with the clay ………..hahaha

A HUGE thanks to Reg for his help and time for this enjoyable project, I am sure that we will have others in the future. It was a great insight into pottery in preparation for the day with David Jones from Walsall Ceramics during September, when I am sure that there will be more photographs.