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Traders at Heathrow Bonsai Show 2023

Everything and anything bonsai-related was available for sale at the Heathrow show, and a vast diversity of bonsai traders were present selling bonsai trees of all types from yamadori and starter trees through to well-developed bonsai. There were also bonsai stands, tools, equipment, pots, bronzes, soils, fertilisers and treatments, scrolls, tags and so much more.

Heathrow Bonsai Show 2023

This year we had a club display at the Heathrow Show and thanks to Paul, Terry and Paul for preparing and setting up the Swindon Club display which looked very good.

Winners at EXPO 2023

Congratulations to everyone who entered their bonsai display this year, it was a superb collection. Here is the list of the Trophies, winners and runners up for the UKBA 4th ExpoBonsai UK Show 2023

More from EXPO 2023

UK Bonsai Association For anyone who is not aware, the UK Bonsai Association was established on the 21st of October 2018 as an umbrella association bringing together all aspects of UK Bonsai. As a non-profit association, its purpose is to promote knowledge and interest in all aspects of bonsai and to connect the whole UK… Read more »

Traders at Expo Bonsai Show 2023

If you wanted to buy anything and everything bonsai then this was the event for you, there were so many excellent traders with so much to offer it was a shopping delight with something for everyone. The full list of the traders at the event are listed below the photos.

Expo Bonsai Show 2023

This year was another great EXPO bonsai show held at K2 in Crawley for the EXPO team supported by UKBA and the bonsai community, what an event. With so many exceptional and high quality bonsai trees on display in addition to half the hall dedicated to the bonsai traders, it was a superb event. There… Read more »

TWickenham Bonsai Show 2023

Twickenham Bonsai Club hosted their annual show today at Twickenham School, it was a great event with some beautiful bonsai trees on display from their club members, and everyone was welcoming and very friendly and there was a lively vibe and atmosphere. It is true that being part of a bonsai club is the best… Read more »

Bonsai displays @UKBA 3rd Auction

If you wanted to see a collection of some of the smaller bonsai trees, then today at the UKBA 3rd Bonsai Auction was your chance. There was a stunning collection of miniature bonsai including some beautiful stones and landscape plantings too from various members of the bonsai community. Take a look at the gallery below… Read more »

UK Bonsai Association 11th UKBA Heathrow Bonsai Show 2022

What a fantastic bonsai show, bringing together so many amazing people in one location to talk about bonsai, display their own bonsai trees and have the opportunity to buy bonsai supplies. With everything available from the bonsai traders from bonsai trees to tools, soils, fertilisers and so much more. It is such a friendly atmosphere… Read more »

Bonsai Clubs @ 11th UKBA Heathrow Bonsai Show

If you are interested in bonsai then this was the show to attend, as it is open to all those who are interested in the hobby of bonsai and provides a chance for anyone who belongs to a bonsai club or society an opportunity to display their own bonsai trees together. If you are interested… Read more »