May tree of the month

1st place, DM Potentilla
Joint 2nd place, MB Hawthorn
Joint 2nd place, SM Trident Maple
Joint 3rd place, GS Japanese Maple
Joint 3rd place, MP Siberian Elm

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Cacti and succulents show in Wiltshire

The British Cactus and Succulent Society Wiltshire Branch are holding their annual show on Saturday 18th June 2022 from 11:00am until 3:30pm. Admission is only £1 and there will be plants for sale, refreshments and also bonsai display. Join in.

Melksham Assembly Hall
The Markey Place
SN12 6ES

Bonsai Expo tomorrow

Bonsai Expo show poster. K2 Crawley RH11 9BQ

We’ll be at Bonsai Expo tomorrow. This is the first bonsai show for ages. Can’t wait to see some amazing individual trees as well as catch up with everyone on the bonsai circuit. We’ll see you there if you’re going. If not, you should.

Our mume is breaking

Always a pleasure to see the first flowers of the year. It is usually our Prunus mume that breaks first, we’ve only got one so far but welcome sight of things to come.

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Punica granatum

Image credit: Dan Burn-Forti

One day I was eating a pomegranate when I had a sudden thought; could I grow one of these seeds. At Christmas I had been given a book on growing exotic fruit like oranges and lemons etc. In it they said to put the whole seed on a plate on the window sill and leave it until it started to go mouldy, then plant it in seed compost and place it in the airing cupboard, this was in 1991. Sure enough in no time several seedlings popped up, one of them I went on to develop into this tree.

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