Tonight’s club night was a general workshop so everyone could work on their bonsai trees as well as circulate and chat with anyone about their trees. Andy stood in for Paul and did a briefing at the start of the meeting and updated everyone on the latest shows which include EXPO Bonsai UK at K2 Leisure Centre, Pease Pottage Hill, Crawley, RH11 9BQ on Sunday 8th May 2022. Also he mentioned the ‘Shilton Open Gardens’ on Sunday the 12th June at their village near Burford.

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What a great way to spend a day pruning, shaping and learning about bonsai with Chris Thomas at our Club workshop. Chris was on hand all day to help everyone out with their bonsai trees they had bought along for advice on. He has a passion and energy for bonsai coupled with years or experience and technical knowledge about bonsai and bonsai techniques that you cannot help but learn even from just watching Chris work and talk about the bonsai trees. He freely shares his ideas and his perspective which is always good to hear, so thank you Chris for a great day. Here are a few images from the day.

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Always a pleasure to see the first flowers of the year. It is usually our Prunus mume that breaks first, we’ve only got one so far but welcome sight of things to come.

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STOLEN BONSAI ALERT!!I Owner woke up today to find that 4 of his bonsai had been stolen in the night. Trident maple, 40cm high. Crab apple, 70cm high. Field elm, 79cm high. Privet, 25vm high. Please keep a look out at car boot sales etc. and get in touch if you have any information, I’m in East Berkshire.

1st RG Siberian Elm

It was a busy January meeting with a number of new members, which is always good to see. The tree of the month was won by RG with his lovely Siberian Elm. 2nd was a maple by AB and 3rd was a cotoneaster by MB.

2nd AB Japanese Maple
3rd MB Cotoneaster

Hopefully everyone had a good Christmas and New Year and is looking forward to a great bonsai year for 2022. Depending on where you live will of course have determine how you are looking after your bonsai over the winter months. If you are in the South of the UK around the Swindon area, the main focus has been stopping trees becoming water logged as it has been a fairly wet and mild winter, so far.

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It is with sadness that I have to inform everyone that Dianne peacefully passed away Monday morning [15th Nov] with her relatives and close friends present.

Dianne has been a club member for sometime and many will know her from local shows and her passion for any tree with a bit of colour on it, no matter it’s shape.

Back in August she was suffering with acute pain and they eventually found a  cancerous lump on her pancreas, which was inoperable, but typical Dianne she didn’t want any fuss.

 I believe that the funeral will be held at the Memorial Woodlands, Earthcott Green, Near Thornbury, BS35 3TA…. 

Funeral is at 1015 hours on Thursday the 2nd December 2021 until 1245, a celebrant then private cremation. If you want to attend let me know for catering.

I know that for the last few months she has been in acute  pain, which they had difficulty controlling and now she is at peace.