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Accent plants at our June meeting

This evening we delved into the art of pairing bonsai trees with accent plants. These companion plants, also known as kusamono or shitakusa, add depth and context to bonsai displays. They can even be fun on their own, paired in the right pot. Derek also put on a Cactus & Succulent display to advertise his… Read more »

Pines and more Pines

This was the follow up session run by Andy on Pines following on from last year when he let the club members wire the young pines. Since then he has removed the wire and repotted them in preparation now for pruning, early styling designs and more wiring. Thank you Andy for a fun and informative… Read more »

April Club Night

Tonight was a short talk by Paul Bowerbank on ‘Root over rock’ and Spring workshop, it was a fun evening and lots to talk about. Here are a few images from the evening.

March trees

No tree of the month competition this one, folks just brought trees in for fun.

January meeting

Post Christmas and New Year, we’re back with a workshop. There is much formative work to be done around this time of year whether it is pruning back hard deciduous plants, or wiring into shape. Analysing bonsai in winter helps to sort out and set branch structure more easily.