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Bonsai exhibitions – a fairer system of awarding prizes

Tonights meeting Part 1 of a talk by Mark and Ritta Cooper on Bonsai exhibitions – a fairer system of awarding prizes. It was a very successful evening with a good range of lively discussion on the topic of judging and some food for thought.

Hostas as accents with Steve McKee

It was a busy night in Swindon, the majority of members turned up plus some visitors from Wales to enjoy Steve McKee’s talk. The more the merrier and it made for a very fun evening. 

March club night

This months meeting was the Annual General Meeting as well as a short talk from Kit Bowns on his Shohin entry for the Shohin UK II Exhibition 2015 this weekend.

February meeting

Last chance to discuss the arrangements, the planning is in the details. We’ve been all out preparing the displays, backdrops and everything else that goes into making what we hope will be, another great show.