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Unpredictable flowering

We love taking about the weather here in the UK, it is practically a national pastime. I am going to elaborate a little into bonsai, I think it is important to talk about failures, as well as successes. Hopefully we can learn from these experiences and improve. A really important part of bonsai culture is… Read more »

Ficus elastica

Ficus elastica are part of the Fig family which is extensive and very versatile for use as bonsai. There is a good article on Ma-Ke Bonsai on how to look after a Ficus elastica.

Ficus microcarpa

Ficus microcarpa is a great species for bonsai and a firm favourite for indoor use in the UK from a tropical species that copes with being cared for indoors as it needs to warmth.

Fraxinus hupehensis

Fraxinus hupehensis is a species that is not commonly used in the UK as bonsai but Fraxinus excelsior is often seen which is native to the UK. It was also interesting whilst trying to discover more information about Fraxinus hupehensis that one was sold by the well known auction house of Sotherby’s!     

Glyptostrobus pensilis

Glyptostrobus pensilis or otherwise known as the Chinese swamp cypress was a great find at the BCI Convention in China as a bonsai. It makes a stunning tree in its natural environment but also an impressive bonsai too.

Celtis sinensis

Celtis sinensis is from the Ulmaceae family, which is part of the nettle trees or hackberries. They are elegant fast growing trees which reach a medium size and are deciduous. They are not so well known in the UK as bonsai but there were some impressive bonsai specimens of this species at the BCI Convention… Read more »

Eugenia uniflora

Eugenia uniflora is commonly known as the Surinam Cherry, Brazillam cherry, Cayenne cherry, Pitanga or Cerisier Carre. It is from the Myrtaceae family and native to South America.

Carunaregam spinosa

Carunaregam spinosa of the Rubiaceae family is a spiny deciduous shrub or small tree with edible fruits when cooked and can be found in East Asia, Southern China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. It is reported to have medicinal properties as well as the fruit and bark are used for dying materials.

Casurarina eqiosetifolia (Australian Pine)

Casurarina eqiosetifolia (Australian Pine) is a species that I had not seen before ever as a bonsai and I have yet to see one in the UK either. We came across this species at the BCI convention in China and it certainly made an impression. For details on this species visit: Wigerts Bonsai

Carmona microphylla

Carmona microphylla is a common species used for indoor or otherwise tropical bonsai in the UK and is one species many people starting the bonsai hobby have once owned or even still own. It is commonly called the Fukien tea tree.