Lee Verhorevoort Bonsai

Lee Verhorevoort Bonsai will be a trader at our 2019 Swindon Winter Image Show on Sunday 24thFebruary. 

He is an importer and retailer of specimen Japanese Bonsai who is based in Kent and will have something for every bonsai tree enthusiast at the most competitive prices.

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Dragonfly Bonsai pots

Thanks to the support of other bonsai enthusiasts, I am now able to explore the endless possibilities offered by clay. It is a material that doesn’t follow the same rules as other three dimensional materials.

Parting with a piece that I’ve obsessed over is strange, but no matter how good a bonsai pot is, it needs to be perfectly paired with the right tree, in order to fulfil its purpose.

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Heathrow Bonsai IX

Swindon display

Fun, friendly, full on and fantastic describe this years 9th Heathrow Show, it was excellent again and great to be a part of. There were so many different species of trees, shapes, sizes and styles to suit everyones tastes and provide a whole day of bonsai tree gazing. Having such diversity also meant lots of great bonsai discussions to be had. As usual this was the place to be to not only see bonsai but also to buy bonsai as well given the array of bonsai accessories, everything you could ever need or want under one roof.

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Bonsai workshop with Lee Verhorevoort

The workshop at swindon with the excellent Lee Verhorevoort Bonsai was well attended , we had twelve members , all with trees of all different, shapes, sizes, that needed expert advice. Some of us were lucky to get away with little or no wiring, some had planned ahead and some not so lucky. We all had a very good time and all the trees looked vastly different, in a good way at the end of the day. Thank you to Mandy for bringing her very tasty cakes along, and Diane for the biscuits.

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Elm bonsai tree project 2017

Back in March 2017 we decided as a club to purchase a number of small Chinese Elms in order that anyone wanting to join in could have one of the small trees and see what they could do with it as a project. We all started with the same species, size and rough style of tree and they were all catalogued and photographed by Derek for reference as time goes on. The aim was to see what different approaches club members would do with their Elm trees and how they responded to the various techniques and different feeding regimes that would be used. It has only been a year but the results so far have been fascinating. Further updates to follow of each tree and its development for 2019.

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Bonsai @TVBC Woodfair 2018

The annual Test Valley Wood Fair held in the woods down in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire on Saturday 1st September 2018 was again a great success and the third year for having a bonsai display in the woods. Eastleigh and Solent Bonsai Societies put on the display of their bonsai trees and they were admired by all who came to the free community event. Collette from Southampton Bonsai was also present for anyone who wanted to start the hobby of bonsai. It is a great family event and there is so much to see and do all day it is well worth a visit.

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