Steve McKee at our show

Bonsai exhibit by Steve McKee at the 2019 Swindon Winter Image Show

This year Steve kindly agreed to be our Head Judge and spent much of the first part of the morning deliberating all the trees against the criteria and categories along with his fellow judges.

Prior to that he had time to set up his individual exhibit, which was an English Yew (Taxus baccata) which was field grown in a tokonoma pot and he has owned this for 10 years.

Judges at our show

Robert and Bill judging at the Swindon Winter Image Show 2019

Thank you to the judges, Steve McKee, Mark Cooper, Ritta Cooper, Andy Jordan, Bill Baker, John Brocklehurst, Andrew Hardman and Robert Stewart.

It was no easy task to judge the show given the range of such stunning and such a diverse range of trees on display but they did an excellent job, so thank you again.

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Chris Thomas at our show

Larch display by Chris Thomas at this years Swindon Winter Image Show

Chris not only put on an individual exhibit this year but he was also one of the traders at our show. He presented a yamadori Larch (Larix decidua) that was collected 14 years ago, which he has been working on, and styling and developing since then and it was in a Gordon Duffett pot.

Mark and Ritta’s shohin display at our show

Shohin display by Mark and Ritta Copper at the 2019 Swindon Winter Image Show

Mark and Ritta’s shohin display was very stylish with a Juniper and Zelkova accompanied by an accent and scroll. Both trees were superb in quality and
condition and the image presented was simple and effective.

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Les Storey mame display at our show

Mame display by Les Storey at the 2019 Swindon Winter Image Bonsai Show

Great to have Les exhibiting his mame trees this year, a great diversity of species on display and well presented. He used a very interesting mame display case, which really enhanced the setting of the mame trees. He had some lovely jittas underneath each tree and his crane accent was fabulous and fun.

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Bill Baker at our show

Kiyohime maple displayed by Bill Baker at the 2019 Swindon Winter Image Show

This year Bill Baker from Wessex Bonsai Society exhibited his Kiyohime maple (Acer palmatum kiyohime). This is an imported tree, which he has owned and developed for the past 19 years and it was in a Chinese pot.

Gary Careford mame display at our show

Gary put on a beautiful display of mame trees that included a White Pine in a Juko pot. A Chojubai in a Arimoto pot.  A Larch in a Benda pot, with a Forsythia in a Taizan pot.

Together with an Iboto in a Bushuab shiozru / masuhi pot. Combined with a Juniper in a Bigei pot and a Rosebush in a Hikosansin pot.

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Tracy Morton at our show

Pinus sylvestris exhibited by Tracy Morton at Swindon Winter Image Show 2019

Tracy exhibited a 20-year-old yamadori Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris) in a Gordon Duffett pot.

Gordon Duffett at our show

Gordon Duffett exhibiting a Dunkeld Larch at Swindon Winter Image Show 2019

This was a first at the Swindon Winter Image show to have a bonsai tree on display by Gordon Duffett. He exhibited his yamadori Dunkeld Larch  (Larix x marschlinsii) that has owned since 1994, 25 years now.

It was presented in none other than a Gordon Duffett pot with an unusual environmental accent. Gordon was also trading at our show and you have to be quick as his pots sell out very quickly.