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Lee Verhorevoort workshop

Lee ran another workshop with us this weekend. Let us just say there was a lot of pruning going on. Lee always works at an impressive rate and everyone gets a lot out of these workshops.

Chris Thomas workshop

Another fantastic workshop with Chris Thomas (Dragon Bonsai, Celtic Knot) was well attended by club members who gained knowledge and experience from Chris about how to develop and progress their trees.

Chris Thomas Workshop

The Saturday workshop was excellent with Chris Thomas and the day flew by with bonsai trees of all species and sizes being worked upon. Here is a selection of the bonsai trees being developed. Acer palmatum development

All day, Drop in Workshop on Sat 27th Aug 2022

Some of the members enjoyed an all day, drop in workshop on Saturday the 27th August with Collette Harrison, from Collette’s Bonsai, she used to operate out of Southampton but has now moved south of Salisbury. A trader at many bonsai shows and will be at the New Venue of the ‘Heathrow show’ at the… Read more »

Lee Verhorevoort Bonsai workshop

Last week we had a workshop at Lee Verhorevoort Bonsai with Lee and it was superb to get his help and advice on some of our bonsai trees. He is a fantastic resource of knowledge on all things bonsai and was able to help us with our trees and provide us with ways forward on… Read more »

Chris Thomas workshop 2022

What a great way to spend a day pruning, shaping and learning about bonsai with Chris Thomas at our Club workshop. Chris was on hand all day to help everyone out with their bonsai trees they had bought along for advice on. He has a passion and energy for bonsai coupled with years or experience… Read more »

LV Bonsai workshop

Today we had a workshop with Lee Verhorevoort of LV Bonsai and it was a great opportunity to get advice on your bonsai trees and work on their development. Lee also brought some trees and bonsai sundries to the workshop and many club members added to their collections.

Chris Thomas workshop

Chris is always fun to work with, this time no different. He shares a really positive attitude about getting the most out of time and material. Club members brought in their bonsai that they were either having difficulty making decisions with; or just needed a bit of help with.

Bonsai workshop with Lee Verhorevoort

The workshop at swindon with the excellent Lee Verhorevoort Bonsai was well attended , we had twelve members , all with trees of all different, shapes, sizes, that needed expert advice. Some of us were lucky to get away with little or no wiring, some had planned ahead and some not so lucky. We all had a… Read more »