This Saturdays workshop with Chris Thomas was a great event for Swindon Club members and all our workshops are part of your annual membership at no extra cost so it is well worth attending these and this one was no exception from the expertise and advice provided by Chris on the day.

We had a good turn out for the day with many club members bringing in a wide range of tree species and sizes of bonsai trees in various stages of development to work on with Chris. He was able to help with styling, health and maintenance advice as well as carving.

Chris also bought along a range of bonsai trees, tools and items for sale and it enables club members to easily access bonsai items directly which is also one of the values of a weekend workshop.

It is also a good opportunity to discuss bonsai with fellow club members and share your own knowledge on your bonsai journey and the progress you have made as each club member often has a wide range of species and experience of growing and developing these, so its a chance to gain even more information from each other.

One club member bought in a large Privet stump and this underwent a significant transformation with pruning followed by extensive carving and shaping and is developing well.

Below is a gallery of the photos from the day with a few before and after photos as well.