The Saturday workshop was excellent with Chris Thomas and the day flew by with bonsai trees of all species and sizes being worked upon. Here is a selection of the bonsai trees being developed.

Acer palmatum development

Berberis in the early stage of development, Mame potential

Cactus bonsai with a Pereskia aculeata

Styling a shohin Cotoneaster

Styling a Ficus over rock

Chinese Elm raft in the making

Taming a Chinese Elm over rock and using guys and wire

Pruning a Ficus benjamina

3 Shohin Ficus in the making

Pruning an Ivy

Wiring and styling a Chinese Juniper

Carving and styling a Korean Hornbeam

Larches as bonsai in all sizes

Exposed root Lonicera refinement styling

Cherry, Pine and Loinicera Mame in the making

Oak carving with the Dremel

Privet carving

Shohin Scots Pines in development

Trident maple pruning

General workshop

Chris also brought a whole van full of goodies so we all took the opportunity to buy a few things including soils, pots, stands and trees.

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