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September meeting

This evening we held a problem trees and critique evening. Members were invited to bring in material they have but are unsure in what direction to take it.

August meeting

One of us had a busy evening ahead of us. We ended up working on our trees in this month’s meeting mostly. Most of us had a good level of growth this summer which is great to see.

Air layering @Club Night

Tonight we had a short presentation by Amelia on air layering then anyone who wanted could have a chance to practice their air layering with the air layering kits Amelia provided. Air layering stimulates the production of aerial roots which form in a moist environment as a response to the damage to the cells around… Read more »

Japanese Black Pine April Club Night talk with Andy

Tonight we had a talk on Japanese Black Pine by Andy, our new Vice Chairman and everyone who attended found it really interesting and useful. Andy started by explaining the different types of pines and how his talk was to focus on the two needles predominately which Japanese Black Pines are within. He went on… Read more »