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Winter protection

Our November meeting kicked off with Amelia giving a short talk on winter protection. This is a hot topic if you’ll pardon the turn of phrase, the long hot summer coupled with a period of extremely cold weather has led to many experienced UK bonsai enthusiasts having trees that didn’t recover through the following spring.

Bonsai in November

Hopefully all your bonsai trees are now being protected for the winter and here is a quick generic guide to bonsai in November as the colder weather has now arrived in the UK.

Winter show fun

So a big thank you to everyone who attended and to all those involved in this year’s show. We had a record number of people through the door and the show felt busier than ever. There was truly a great atmosphere and we sincerely hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Bonsai in January

Hopefully all your bonsai trees are being protected for the winter and here is a quick generic guide to bonsai in January.

Winter protection

Ask any bonsai enthusiast here in the UK about what they do to protect their trees during the winter and you will usually get a very confident answer; although there does seem to be variation in what people say. I will offer one piece of advice straight away, the smaller the tree the more protection… Read more »

Clubs & Societies confirmed

We’ve got some great clubs confirmed forĀ our next Winter Show. While we are on the subject, find your UK local bonsai society, or club here. Bristol Artistic Bonsai Circle Ashfield Dragon New Dawn Phoenix Splinter Group Solent Newbury Warminster Eastleigh Northern Suiseki

Colourful Cornus bonsai

In Winter the stunning new vibrant shoots of the Cornus or commonly known Dogwood shrub can brighten up your day as they are just radiant. They come in a range of colours and for fun I have created my very own rainbow bonsai group using Cornus alba ‘Sibirica’ (Red), Cornus sang ‘Winter beauty’ (Orange), Cornus… Read more »