UK Bonsai Association

For anyone who is not aware, the UK Bonsai Association was established on the 21st of October 2018 as an umbrella association bringing together all aspects of UK Bonsai. As a non-profit association, its purpose is to promote knowledge and interest in all aspects of bonsai and to connect the whole UK bonsai community. They publish the UKBA monthly bulletin, which enables them to fulfil their main criteria of communicating all information about UK bonsai events directly to all bonsai enthusiasts. The administrators and helpers of the UKBA are volunteers who are dedicated to spreading the word about all aspects of bonsai within the UK and also promoting UK bonsai abroad. For more information, to join and sign up for their monthly bulletin visit the UKBA website.

Our club members display

One of our club members, Sally May entered her Yew (Taxus baccata) into this year’s EXPO Bonsai show, it is a privilege to get accepted to show at this event and it takes time and dedication to develop and prepare your bonsai trees for show and an exhibition, so congratulations Sally.

Set up and take down

It is fair to say that putting on a bonsai event requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and without the team of dedicated supporters, volunteers, exhibitors, traders, sponsors and everyone who is involved to make it happen it otherwise wouldn’t, so thank you again.

Bonsai pots on display

Suiseki displays

Things that caught my eye