This year we had a club display at the Heathrow Show and thanks to Paul, Terry and Paul for preparing and setting up the Swindon Club display which looked very good.

It is great to be part of the show as this is the largest bonsai show for clubs and societies in the UK, so thank you UKBA for our invitation.

Visting clubs

Swindon club’s display

There were 37 clubs and societies exhibiting at the show, and some fantastic displays of a wide range of tree species, sizes, ages and styles. It is great to see such a collection of bonsai trees all in one location and caused a lot of interest to the visiting public as well as lots of discussion by fellow bonsai enthusiasts. The results of the voting will be on the Heathrow Bonsai Show website and more photos from the show as well.

Club displays have improved year on year in their approach to the level of attention to detail, the composition of their displays and the quality of bonsai trees and stands now being seen. The variety of ideas, concepts and designs of displays is excellent and it was great to hear a wealth of positive comments and views on each of the displays and a credit to the time, effort and work that everyone has put into making the club displays happen as it does rely on dedicated club members willing to volunteer their time and their trees to make up a club bonsai display. 

The show was organised by the UK Bonsai Association

Therefore a massive thank you goes out to all the volunteers who made this year’s Heathrow Show a truly superb event, without everyone’s support it wouldn’t be possible as well as with the passion and energy of Mark and MingChen Moreland leading the way. It was to my knowledge the most well-attended bonsai show in the UK for a one-day show with over 890 attendees to the event ranging from bonsai enthusiasts, bonsai club members, bonsai traders, friends and families, and the general public which is a tremendous achievement for the UKBA, so congratulations again on an excellent bonsai show. You can find their website here:

Individual bonsai trees

Given that there were so many bonsai trees on display it was not going to be possible in the time to document each one individually, and it was great to see many people taking videos of the displays as this was a good way to try. However, there were a few that caught my attention for a wide range of reasons. Congratulations to everyone who had a tree on a club display, whether it was your first-ever display or you are a seasoned pro at club displays, as it is taking part that counts and bringing the bonsai community together. The day went so quickly, catching up with so many bonsai friends and discussing ideas, tree health and condition, tree development, repotting timescales and so much more, shows are a great place to network and share ideas and Heathrow is one of the best for this with a warm and friendly environment.