On Saturday the 17th September 2016, the club held a Autumn workshop with Chris Thomas. With the Coleview being busy we were treated to a lot more room at the Grange Leisure Centre, this is where we hold our ‘Winter Image’ show every February. These workshops are a great way to increase your knowledge of trees and design, while spending a few hours working on trees in your collection without any interruptions…………well other than a few coffee breaks and to tuck into the array of biscuits or some of Sally’s lovely cake.

Here are a few photographs from the day, it’s a shame that more of the club members couldn’t attend, especially the newer ones.

Chris had brought some stock which was available for purchase and many of those that attended went home with a new tree or two and a big smile on their face. ¬†Sorry to Mrs Kit…………..we did tell him that the last thing he needed was even more ‘Little trees’ but the clump of potentilla was very nice.