Mr Terry Adams

Terry Adams has been presented the Federation of British Bonsai (FoBBS) Award for distinguished service to the Art, Craft and Science of Bonsai.

He is a well established bonsai artist and renowned for his dedication and attention to detail with the development of his trees. Many of his trees are then displayed at all the main Bonsai events throughout the Southern part of England, Wales and Europe.

He has also been a great promoter of British native trees as bonsai and has demonstrated a great flare for his artistic representation of actual trees in nature. He has then taken his study of trees in nature, to a new level by giving instructional lectures on the subject. Some of his tree histories are under the Members tree section on this site and are worth a look, particularly his Gray Alder, which he grew from seed about 25 years ago.

He now joins Reg Bolton [Swindon Hon Club President] in this accolade and deservedly so. He is now a lifelong member of FoBBS.