FOBBS Stand at RHS Chelsea 2011

I have just had the phone call informing me that the Fobbs display has again got a ‘Gold’ medal, making this the forth in secession. Hopefully there will be a small snippet of the display on the TV later this week.

It takes months of planning and construction to get the best display they can. It’s not just a case of turning up, clothing a table and putting the trees out. The trees for the display are selected from Fobbs members from all over the country, so the logistics of collecting and returning is a huge undertaking and this was organised by Reg who drove the van and he was helped by Paul and Terry. It is a great achievment and even more so for Swindon & District Bonsai Club because out of the 19 trees on the display, 15 came from Swindon Club Members as well as the accents.

All involved and the tree owners are to be congratulated and particular thanks go to Reg Bolton and Terry Adams from our own Bonsai Club for the hours of hard work and effort that went into designing and setting up as well as manning the stand at the Show.

Support was also given from other Swindon Club members as well as Sussex, Ambion, Midland and South Staffs societies and here is a full list of names of those involved in the various activities that made the display possible. Amelia Williams, Andrea White, Colin Stubbs, David Cheshire, Ernest Beech, Gaynor, Gordon Hodgetts, Graham Stubbs, Jane Dwight, Jim, Judith Davison, June Hodgetts, Kath Hughes, Malcolm Hughes, Mark Bentley, Martin Shepperd, Paul Hunt, Peter Leiss, Ray Ward, Reg Bolton, Rod White, Ross Addison, Roz, and Terry Adams.

Last years display at Chelsea, was awarded the ‘Holford’ medal at the end of 2010 as – It was deemed, the best amateur display in ALL the Royal Horticultural shows for 2010. see–-‘holford-medal’/