Reg & the Swindon Mayor

Reg and the Swindon Mayor, Teresa Page

Several weeks of hard work by the two brothers, concluded yesterday with a great afternoon in the aid of charity. The two gardens had been spruced up, in fact Reg’s greenhouse has never been sooooo tidy since it was built. Everyone marveled at the size of Jeff’s vegetables and the quality of his flowers. It was good to see so many bonsai enthusiasts some from quite a distance away from Swindon, it was nice to get up close to the trees as well as enjoy a cuppa and maybe one or two pieces of cake.

During the morning there was very heavy rain, the roads were awash and all the faces dropped as it looked to continue into the afternoon, but just before the gardens were open to the public at 2pm the sun came out and remained out into the evening. There was a good attendance from the local community and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I am sure that the Swindon Hydrotherapy pool will make good use of all donations. Over 250 attended the event and over £600 was made for the pool.

Reg Greenhouse Reg 2