Again we were joined by David Jones and his helper for the day, Charlotte Walby for an all day pottery workshop. It was a lovely warm day, in fact too warm which meant that everyone had to work faster in their pot making before the clay became too dry. The pots in the end looked great with some additions added by the owners to embellish them.  It was difficult to photograph all the pots before David had wrapped them up for the return journey to Walsall Towers, where he will check them over, sort out any things that need doing and then he has the task of glazing them and firing them. I am not sure how Paul managed to do his with the shades on, maybe he does a better job with his eyes closed????

I will be adding the finished articles once they have been fired and returned, which will be sometime in the future as David and the team are always busy making things for the future shows and displays.

A huge thanks to all those involved, it made it a lovely day. At times you could hear a pin drop, just the sound of total concentration