Sunday, the 18th August saw the ABBex show [All British Bonsai Exhibition], at Failands, Near Bristol, where ONLY trees that originated from British stock were considered for display. [from seed, cuttings, air layer, division and British yamadori etc] The day started a bit damp but then honoured us with quite a bit of sun, which was good for the numerous trader stands out on the grass area behind the Failands hall. The standard of tree displays was very good, with trees of all species and sizes, so there was something for everyone. Esoteric pots [Dan Barton], David Sampson and Mendip Bonsai [John Trott] were on the hall stage and the Bristol club sales in the small room off the hall. Everyone had a vote of their three best trees and there were financial awards for the top trees. Well done to all those involved.