After the inspirational post by Ross relating to “Creating an exposed root bonsai” back in September 2020……….

I meant to post this sooner but life got in the way, which was just as well as my constructions have increased in number so I can put them all here. I decided to give the style a go so constructed a box section using scraps of plastic that I had in the garage.

The corners were strips of wood so they slipped onto each other. The sections were then held together with old bonsai wire. Some of the club members will have seen this large one already on our Zoom meetings. My thinking was that every few years I can remove one section at a time and allow the roots to harden in stages. Therefore the tree wouldn’t need scaffolding to stop it falling over. I used a block of wood on a piece of plastic base which the tower is attached to. The wood will eventually rot but should last long enough to create the tree. I got a bit carried away and it turned out quite big [14 inch high {36cm}]……….. so started thinking about construction 2 and not using screws which were a bit of a pain to remove.

Second Build…………………I had a bit of 4 inch [10cm] drain pipe which was 11 inches long after I had squared it off. This was also cut into sections and also wired in the same manner. In time it will be easy to cut the wire and lift the section off. The small gaps between the sections doesn’t matter too much as it will aid drainage.

Trouble with these lockdowns it gives us all much too much time to think, and I pondered on Kit’s mame size trees and how I could grow some [Not to annoy him you understand] So rummaged in the shed and found a few small lengths of square downpipe……….. I knew that I was keeping them for a reason. So construction 3 got underway.

Third build……………… By now you will know how they are constructed and hopefully the pictures will help. I made them 6 inches high [about 15cm] Now all I need to do in Feb/March is to find something to go in them!!!! May also need to find room in the garden so the wife doesn’t know about the increase in numbers of trees.

Hopefully, this post will encourage others to have a go. If you do build something please send me some photos and a small write up and I will add them to this post. Paul B