Daryl Cogavin has for a while been producing quality bonsai scrolls with her own artistic style…….. much better than me with my chubby sticks. Her web site is https://darylsdrawings.weebly.com/bonsai-scroll-paintings.html

Click the images to inlarge………….. She has now decided to put extend her range of goods and branch out [see what I did there!!! Have you twigged yet] and reproduce owners trees into an Ink Drawing. You will see at the top, a comparison and a very good image.

This was done from a photograph of the tree, so you don’t even need to drive around the UK with the tree, so that she can reproduce it. Anyone wishing to have a tree drawing can contact her via her web site

https://darylsdrawings.weebly.com/contact-me.html to discuss tree/size of picture/prices……………….. don’t forget it will be Christmas soon and our other halfs never know what to get us??????

When finished they can be posted to you with a backing board, ready for you to get framed if you wish.