Today we took the club marquee to the Annual Wanborough Country Show. The original idea of the marquee was to allow all members of the club no matter what their ability or stage their tree is in to display something for the visitors to admire. There was a good mixture of species and many questions from the public were answered. Most of the photographs were taken just after everything had been set up and before the show was open, so a chance to sit down, recover and have breakfast. We had enough space to put up an smaller gazebo and do a workshop as well as store some of our kit.

The show opened at midday and saw a steady stream of visitors, luckily the rain held off, just a few spots early on, which meant we could pack the canvas away for another year. A big thanks to all that helped out and to the show organisers for a lovely day…… even better cause it was dry. Hopefully we will be back again next year.