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Coral spot

Coral spot (Nectria cinnabarina) is a fungus with a coral pink pinhead pustules or very small browish red pin heads. It bursts through the bark on dead and dying stems or twigs. It enters the wood through old pruning wounds and can be transferred from pruning tools. It causes the death of individual branches and… Read more »

Bonsai and fungi

Recently I noticed that this year seems to be a good year for fungi and they are appearing on my bonsai trees and other peoples too. Here are a few more examples I have seen recently on Yew, Japanese Black Pine and White Pine.

Surprising Nature

I posted this picture on a Bonsai forum and several members thought that they were bronze/metal toadstools that had been used. In fact, my wife collected some large fir cones and put them on the wall out in all weathers. While wandering around the garden on a cold morning I came across this and couldn’t… Read more »

Mycorrhiza fungi and bonsai

Recently I noticed some fungi show up on my Korean Hornbeam bonsai and I assumed they were a form of mycorrhiza fungi but was not 100% certain and whilst I was at the Arboricultural Association Conference at Reading I went to a great lecture by Ted Green who was discussing and sharing his ideas on… Read more »