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Berkshire Bonsai at Roots

Berkshire Bonsai Society put on a display at Roots Bonsai Show which contained a good range of Japanese tree species.

Bristol Bonsai at Roots

Bristol Bonsai Society at Roots Bonsai Show displayed two stunning Pine trees as tokonomas, one a Japanese Black Pine and the other a White Pine, plus a very unusual hedge as the centre between the two pines which was complete with a cat on a style, coke bottle and set off with a Japanese Maple.

Chiltern Bonsai at Roots

Chiltern Bonsai Society set up a display at Roots Bonsai Show with their own detailed backdrop and sides to add a focal point to their display. The trees were a good range of species and well presented.

Eastleigh Bonsai at Roots

Eastleigh Bonsai Society had a combination of Shohin displays for their display at Roots and this was superb, it was a really great to see some fabulous shohin on display and presented so well with new ideas and approaches to bonsai displaying.

Middlesex Bonsai at Roots

Middlesex Bonsai Society had a display at Roots Bonsai show and this was well presented with some great trees including a Weeping Willow and stunning shohin Pyracatha to name but a few of the trees.