Juniper in May 2011

In April 2011, the club was contacted by a lady from Cirencester who was trying to find a buyer for three of her late father’s bonsai trees. 

Roots of the Juniper April 2011

The committee decided to make an offer for the trees so that they could be used for demonstrations, design evenings and for the club members to work on them, to gain experience.


Pine in April 2011

Pine in May 2011

Due to the previous owner’s ill health, the trees had been neglected and required proper pruning, feeding and bringing back into shape.

Trident maple

Trident maple in April 2011

Trident Maple in May 2011

The trunk of the Trident

The trunk and Nebari up close

The basic elements of bonsai are there and the maple has a large and impressive trunk.

The lady and her family were delighted that the trees were going to bonsai enthusiasts, and we hope to plot the progress and change to the trees over a period of time through reports on the club web site. The pictures are the beginning of the trees journey, starting in April through to May 2011 and updates of their progress will follow as work begins on the trees.

Thanks Paul