The judging of this show took an unusual format – visitors were provided with a voting slip and asked to nominate a numbered tree worthy of winning. I think anyone who has been to a bonsai show and questioned the judge’s decision might think this of this as a good idea. I will have to report back to let you know who has won.

Kevin Wilson was demonstrating on a large Larch yamadori, carving and wiring mostly and provided the gathered crowd with a very practical demonstration as well as providing some handy tips on creating a good jin and shari. Mark Moreland presented an informative slideshow on bonsai and trees in Taiwan as well as in India and the photographs of some of the trees out there were amazing, particularly the Figs and Junipers. Lee Verhorevoort had a great selection of trees for sale to suit all price ranges including some particular trees that caught our interests being that of two Bonsai Black Pines, a stunning large Juniper and a gorgeous Stewartia group to name a few trees on offer for sale.

It was a great show, full of beautifully presented trees of many varieties and of a wide range of styles with a noted theme of evergreens and Pines in evidence. Other trees that were more unusual in their styling were a wrap around Bougainvillea which was encased in Sycamore wood, as well as an interested wrap around Juniper.

It was well worth the visit and it was a good opportunity to catch up with fellow bonsai enthusiasts and debate the merits of each tree on display, and also a thank you to Reg, Terry, Bob, and Paul H for putting on a great Swindon bonsai display at this event . Here are a few pictures for those who didn’t get to visit this show and we look forward to hopefully their future shows with interest.

Location of the show was @ The Barn, High Street, Harlington UB3 5ER