Bonsai Focus Magazines

Rene Rooswinkel of Bonsai Focus has kindly donated two prizes for the raffle at our forth coming Winter Image Show on the 19th February 2012. They are a set of Japanese Bonsai magazines and a Japanese Bonsai photo book.

Bonsai Focus is a great magazine to which we subscribe to and it contains a wealth of information in each addition and is bi monthly. You can subscribe online and will benefit from an online discount if you sign up via this method. The magazine is available in a range of other languages including French, German and Italian and there is even the opportunity to purchase an e-version of the magazine too. The articles are very topical and provide great detail on techniques used in bonsai with superb photographs and close ups.

Bonsai Focus Book

The Japanese Bonsai photo book which will also be in the raffle contains some excellent photographs of Japanese Bonsai trees and could be yours if you enter our raffle at the Winter show. The Bonsai Focus website is another great source of information on bonsai and all that surrounds bonsai and is worth checking out. The gallery contains some beatiful images of bonsai trees and if you only want to read one particular article from Bonsai Focus covering a certain topic you can just purchase that one. There are also videos to watch, a helpful dictonary and the agenda contains dates for Bonsai events worldwide which is handy for planning your visits to forthcoming bonsai shows.

Bonsai Focus Magazines Bonsai Focus Magazines

Thank you again Bonsai Focus for your kind donation of two raffle prizes and we look forward to the next edition of Bonsai Focus in the meantime.