Stone Monkey Ceramics

Andrew Pearson of Stone Monkey Ceramics will be selling his superbly crafted bonsai ceramic pots at the 10th Anniversary Swindon Winter Image Show on the 19th February 2012. Andy handcrafts stoneware ceramics and his creations are inspired by Japanese ceramics.

Stone Monkey Ceramics raffle prize

Andy has donated this beautiful bonsai pot to Our Winter show raffle, it is 30.5cm in length and 24cm wide and 6cm deep and would be a welcome edition to anyones bonsai pot collection and could be yours if you enter out raffle in February 2012. He will be selling a wide range of his bonsai ceramics as well as some of Simon Haddons (Suteki) colourful accent pots for sale too.

If you are a bonsai pot collector, Stone Monkey Ceramics have a Collectors Editions for 2011 available on sale entitled ‘The Legend of the 12 Monkey’s’ so check out their website for more details. They also do commissions if you are looking for that special pot design and they have a wide range of pots available to choose from otherwise including slabs and cascade pots.

However, they are not limited to bonsai pots, but have some beautiful cups for sale including tea bowls known as a Chawans and there are some very special ones including one which was made for the Noelanders Trophy XII and is signed by Andy himself and Marc Noelander.

Thank you once again Andy for your donation of a superb bonsai pot for our raffle and we look forward to seeing you in February.