This is awesome, I have seen this miniature set of hedges displayed at many a country show and the detail is fantastic. It is amazing to see what people can do and create with a bit of patience and imagination. One of the purposes of this display is to show the various types of hedge laying styles as these vary from county to county.

For more information about the different styles visit the National Hedge Laying Society website.

Here are a few more images of the other sections of the display from 2008 and I love the inclusion of fences, walls, gates and styles into the hedges.

There are one or two bonsai artists and enthusiasts that have already created their own bonsai hedges, a fine example can be seen on the Art of Bonsai Project website. This project, put together by Dan Barton, is a Cotoneaster hedge planted on a slate slab. The Deshojo maple is in an Oak style and the hedge is almost 5 feet long.