Korean Hornbeam

This was our sixth visit to HOKA-EN Bonsai studio also known as Lodders in Holland and once again we were stunned at the superb quality and choice of Bonsai trees for sale. It takes considerable time just to assess the range of Bonsai trees on offer and to pick out a favourite when they are all so beautiful and of a very high quality. We appreciate the wonderful hospitality from Gerrit Lodder and all his staff who make us feel very welcome. This year the bonsai tree species range was even more extensive and I loved the fact that they had a fabulous selection of Ginkgo in for me to choose from.

The range of tropical bonsai trees was also excellent with Syzygiums, Tamarinds, Serrisas, Carmonas and Ficus of various varieties to name but a few. We were fortunate to be there as a new shipment of Japanese Garden trees (Niwaki) arrived and had the first choice on these and they are fantastic trees too. We also took time to peruse the Bonsai pots as their range is enormous and they are very good quality and value for money. It is like a one stop shop for Bonsai trees and Japanese Gardens.